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Our top roof repair tips

It seems like every time there is a change of seasons there are inherent problems which property owners are faced with.

In the autumn falling leaves can clog gutters which can cause major problems if those leaves are left there throughout the next season. Too many times local roofing contractors are called out for what appears to be a leaking roof when it was ice trapped in the gutters due to leaves not having been cleared out.

In the spring we look forward to those showers that ‘bring May flowers’ but those showers can be accompanied by winds and gusts that quickly pick up loose roof tiles.

A loose tile can allow for a trickle of water but a few missing roof tiles can create large leaks which are known to be the cause of major structural damage. Then there are those times when gusty winds are strong enough to send projectiles across roads towards pedestrians, passing vehicles and even into neighbours’ homes. 

Seasonal leaking roof repair should always be seen to as quickly as the damage is spotted because the next season will just compound the problem and add to the expense of making repairs. Whether autumn leaves clog gutters or spring and summer rainstorms carry loose tiles away, there is always another season ahead with new damage and cause for concern.

If there is damage that is severe to a new roof, it may become necessary to wait until the weather changes to warm spring and summer days. Even so, seasonal leaking roof repair can help to avoid interior problems whilst waiting for better days.

What about smaller buildings that are faced with damage?

For small outbuildings such as a garage or shed, you can easily install new materials onto the flat roof yourself. The Z Property Review suggests EPDM rubber as this material has the ability to adhere to all weather types.